Gulls are a traditional part of the seaside environment, and many people regard them with affection as an integral part of living or holidaying by the sea. Some though, are concerned about their increasing presence in urban areas.

Herring gulls are the most common gulls for nesting in urban areas but there are other species of gulls that will nest on roofs and features of buildings such as the lesser black- backed gull & the Great black backed gull.

Problems that can occur

Nesting or roosting gulls cause a number of problems. Gulls will nest anywhere and protect their nests aggressively by diving at anyone they feel poses a danger to their young. They deposit large amount of fouling which contains harmful bacteria and causes a lot of damage to buildings.

Our Solution

There are a number of methods that can be used to control your urban gull problem which may include, Gull proofing (spiking, netting, wiring or Birds gel) Egg and nest removal or using one of our trained Hawks or Falcons as a natural deterrent (Predator/Prey)

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