Our Hawking Response Programmes area live visual deterrent to scare birds from an area. The presence of a hawk or falcon quickly makes an area undesirable to nuisance birds and quickly encourages them to establish a new pattern of behaviour away from your site.

Our specially trained hawks and falcons are effective at deterring seagulls, pigeons and many other nuisance bird species.

Deterring pest birds using falconry is a natural method of bird control as it utilises nature’s instincts, Falconry bird control is ideal for;

  • Clearing large sites of nuisance bird populations
  • Operating in urban areas where proofing methods are unsuitable or
    access is unavailable to our team– shopping centres, flats and city
  • Preventing nuisance bird populations from roosting or nesting

This Area of our work is essential before the commence of any proofing installation. Sometimes bird proofing isn’t an option. A building may be listed or the size of the building could make proofing impractical. You may have nuisance birds in a wide open area, such as a landfill or farmland, where proofing is just not a viable bird control solution. Our bird control teams will be able to determine whether falconry will be an effective recommendation for your site when we complete a site survey.

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